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MemoryCuff™ - Photo Projection Keepsake Bracelet

MemoryCuff™ - Photo Projection Keepsake Bracelet

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How To Order

  • Click "Upload Your Photo" and select your favorite couples photo 
  • Click "Add to Cart"
  • For multiple bracelets, repeat steps above multiple times
  • Note: Ensure you upload a high-quality image

    Not Just a Bracelet—It's Your Furry Friend, Always by Your Side.

    Why settle for an ordinary bracelet when you can wear a special keepsake of your pet wherever you go?

    Your Four-Legged BFF, On Your Wrist Every Day.


    Pop in that cherished pet photo and this unique bracelet becomes more than jewelry—it's a daily nudge of the love you share with your pet.

    Every time you glance at it, you're back to belly rubs and happy purrs.

    Keep a piece of your pet love close, always just a wrist glance away. 

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